by Brick Sun

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Doomchyld Definitely has some groove & swagger, some of it reminds me a little of older Clutch Favorite track: Part I - Occult.
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Debut album, 2013


released September 1, 2013

1.Makes Me Sick
3.Part I - Occult
4.Part II - Tribe
7.World Filth Swallowers



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Brick Sun Rostov On Don, Russia

stoner band from Rostov-on-Don, Russia

line up:

Valentin - vocals\guitar
Andrey - guitar
Maks - bass
Oleg - drums


2013 - Inside


2013 - Hurts

2014 - World Filth Swalovers
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Track Name: Makes Me Sick
Walking down the city streets
I see many human beings
All this dumb variety of colors
They looks like a fucking flowers

All this brightness makes me sick
My mind getting filled with disgusting shit
So I have to vomit the darkness
On your rainbows, your Eden gardens

Leave my bleeding eyes alone
Take away your parrot syndrome
Go to shiny faggot's glade
Start your happy butterflies prey

All this brightness makes me sick
My mind getting filled with disgusting shit
So I have to vomit the darkness
On your rainbows, your Eden gardens
Track Name: (f)Asses
Deformed faces infested the masses
Small heads looks like the asses
Angry blind eyes see nothing around
Their primitive minds are full of wounds

Prepared squads of scientific fanatics
Are already rising from the secret bunkers
Photon-processing hi-tech uniform
Ready to clean, improve and transform

They waited too long, comprehending too much
Sufferance was weakened, weapons charged.
Protagonist’s sect decayed for a long time,
Their existence – is rated as heavy crime

Human waste slowly dies in agony
Flesh, like butter, melting rapidly
Bones are grinded to dust by tank tracks
All their idols are covered with cracks

They did’t valued what were given to them
And now it is the time to pay for rent
Intellectual technologies will strike them back
Suns of Thoth will burn them black

Wildly spread cults of liquid brains,
Now are going to be buried in their own frames

They didn’t valued what were given to them
And they are already pay for rent
Intellectual technologies were strike them back
Suns of Thoth burned them black

This is the lesson for those who are wick
Stop dumping your minds, getting sick
Other the progress will erase your kind
You can’t deny it, now you are died
Track Name: Part II - Tribe
instrumental track
Track Name: Hurts
9 AM, goddamn pain
Hits into my head
Shakes of body as a gain
I wish I was dead

The deadly flow of Acheron
Washing out wasted cells
Goodbye fucking neurons
All hail to Alcohol's spells

Creeping to the outdoors
I can feel the taste of bile
All this draff knows no remorse
Time to vomit stomach dry

It still hurts my entity
Clouded mind digests yet
Satan smiles inside of me
Shaking hands I'm looking at

It's not ok, two hours past
But the pain is still inside
No, the last night wasn't LAST
Alcoholics never die
Track Name: Worse
I already can’t give up
Cuz my life is fucking suck
I’d don’t know, When it has begun
But now I’m feeling me so done

There is no money in the purse
It’s getting worse and worse and worse
Fridge is empty, There is not beer
I’m feeling it … The end is near

Antenna is broken, no radio waves
TV and radio, they are not plays
Putrid steps and broken bones
My existence knows no remorse

When I wake up, I’m still sleeping
When I’m awake, the pain is dipping
I’m already lost the lite
Why the hell am I still alive?
Track Name: World Filth Swalovers
The coffee that you drink at morning
Was already drinked before
Your angel faced girlfriend
Was teen fucking whore
Human beings are such such fucked up
Prepare yourself for this sick fact
Everything you eating, fucking, prouding of
Was already used too many times before

You produce and swallow filth
Every second of your life
And you don't want to stop it
Until you fucking die

You will never stop it
Pollution through the bleed
Bring it to you coffin
Only vodka's clean